Macy and Cleo are not too sure about this fluffy white stuff.

The long range forecast for Central New York predicted warmer than usual temperatures and lower snow levels than normal for this winter season and Mother Nature has delivered on that. It’s been a pretty tame winter but we were awakened this morning by the call from school announcing the snow day our kids had wished for the night before. Since we are expecting substantial snowfall today, if you don’t absolutely have to be on the roads, stay home! 

If there’s no avoiding driving today, here are some great tips from AAA about driving in winter weather. Even those of us who were born and raised in the snow belt can always use a tune up on winter driving (pun absolutely intended!).

You may be spending some time clearing snow, either with a shovel, snow blower, or from your roof. For your own safety, check out these helpful tips from OSHA. Nobody wants a trip to the ER today!

Not that we think this snow event will reach emergency levels, but this link from the Red Cross has a lot of really useful information about preparing for a storm and dealing with the hazards of snowy weather – frostbite being one of them.

If you are able to stay home today, get cozy!  Have you heard of Danish “hygge”?  There isn’t a direct translation of this Danish word to an English word, but this article from the New Yorker will bridge that gap.  Maybe it will give you some ideas to make your home a snug space to hunker down this winter.

If your kids are home from school today and were bored within .0268 seconds of getting out of bed, here are some fun things to keep them occupied until they come to you looking for a snack:

Playing outside in the snow and now you want to warm up from the inside?  How about some yummy cocoa?  Here are some wintery recipes to try out while you’re snowed in today:

There’s really nothing better on a snowy day than to curl up with a hot drink and a good book.  Looking for something new?  Check out this list of winter-themed books from Goodreads.

Enjoy this snowy day, stay safe, and keep the faith that Spring is right around the corner.  Maybe not this corner, but a not too distant corner!

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