Lawyers Who Lunch

Photo: Pexels, Marcus Aurelius

Syracuse, New York is rich in culture, diversity and cuisine. With so many restaurants, cafes, diners and bars scattered all over the city serving almost every cuisine imaginable, deciding where to eat can be a daunting challenge.  To help you narrow down your choices, here are some of Wladis’ favorite lunch spots in and around the city.

If you’re in the mood for Vietnamese fare, New Century may be just what you are looking for! Located on Kirkpatrick street on the North side of Syracuse, New Century serves authentic classic Vietnamese dishes such as pho and com tam (broken rice). New Century is open for lunch and dinner and is the perfect spot for a quick sit-down midday meal packed with flavor and aromas.

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant is a great place for lunch if you are looking for delicious and fresh Mexican food. Guadalajara offers classic Mexican dishes, various protein plates served with traditional Mexican sides and affordable lunch specials. Located on Water Street, close to downtown, Guadalajara is a great spot for lunch during the work week!

Thai Thai Cuisine is a hidden gem nestled into Erie Boulevard between Thompson Road and Bridge Street. This family owned and operated restaurant serves traditional and modern Thai dishes, focusing primarily on southern Thai cuisine. Thai Thai Cuisine offers a consistently delicious lunch menu available Tuesday to Friday for dine-in, making it a desired lunch spot for the people at Wladis. Lunch or dinner- Thai Thai cuisine is an amazing option!

Dosa Grill uses the perfect blend of spices and quality ingredients to create delicious authentic Indian dishes every day of the week. While people may be weary of Indian cuisine as it is known for its levels of spice, Dosa Grill offers various degrees of hotness that can be adjusted to each customer’s liking. If you are new to Dosa Grill or Indian fare, try Dosa Grill’s all you can eat lunch buffet, available Monday through Saturday, so you can taste a little bit of everything that they have to offer. 

While there are many sushi options to choose from in Syracuse, Wladis believes that Secret Garden Korean and Japanese Restaurant on Erie Boulevard is one of the best! Secret Garden serves a variety of dishes from the classic California roll to the more intricate “green dolphin roll’ to traditional Korean dishes. Secret Garden is a wonderful place for fresh sushi and delicious Japanese and Korean dishes.

Another great spot on Erie Boulevard for authentic Asian food is Yang Di Chun BBQ. While Yang Di Chun does specialize in Chinese BBQ, it also offers a wide variety of Chinese and Asian dishes including broccoli with chicken, kebabs, hot pots and fried rice. With so many dishes to choose from, we recommend the fried potato, eggplant and hot peppers in garlic sauce. Delicious!

If you are ever in the mood for a classic Italian sandwich consider Vince’s Gourmet Imports in North Syracuse. Monday through Saturday, Vince’s serves cold subs, hot subs and paninis made to give customers an authentic taste of Italy. While you’re at Vince’s do not forget to check out their selection of Mediterranean imported pastas, sauces, oils and more!

Another popular gourmet sandwich eatery that we suggest- Darwin’s. Located downtown on Clinton Street, Darwin’s offers a rotating menu with new sandwiches each week. But these are not just any sandwiches-Darwin’s creates unique combinations labeled with clever names and often served on Pastabilities’ famous stretch loaf. If you are in need of a cup of soup, a hot sandwich or a fresh cup of coffee to warm up during the winter, try Café Kubal! With six locations from Manlius to North Syracuse, Café Kubal is a convenient and cozy place to grab lunch or a hot drink. We recommend a cup of the midnight oil roast coffee for a morning or mid-day caffeine boost.

While there are so many more wonderful places to eat in and around Syracuse, these are some of our favorites here at Wladis. We hope you give these places a try and enjoy them just as much as we do!