On November 8, you have the ability to exercise one of the greatest freedoms the world has ever known. You have the right to vote.

You have the right to choose from different candidates in many different races.  Whether it is for President of the United States or Mayor, you have choices. In many countries, people cannot vote or if they can they only have one person to vote for with no choice.

You have the right to stand in line for 45 minutes in some cases to exercise this freedom.

You have the right to drive 20 minutes to your polling place in order to cast your ballot.

You have the right to write in a candidate if you don’t like any of the candidates on the ballot.

You have the right to be glad all of the commercials telling you why the other candidate is a no good $&@@&@ are finally coming to an end.

Most importantly you have the right to exercise a freedom that people fight wars just to be able to obtain.

Don’t let this freedom pass you by. Vote!!

For more information on your polling place, click on this link.

Photo Credit: Leigh Prather


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