Government Relations


The Wladis Law Firm has an active government relations and public funding practice providing legal, regulatory, grant, and legislative initiative counsel to our clients on a wide range of issues and for various types of projects.  Maintaining a regular presence in Albany enables us to help our clients negotiate the maze of statutory and regulatory requirements that are an integral part of doing business in New York State.
Our Firm works closely with state and federal funding agencies, including the Regional Economic Development Councils, on behalf of public and private sector clients and has secured tens of millions of dollars in funding to facilitate business expansion and job creation.  Our work on behalf of public sector clients with large-scale regional development projects has resulted in significant impacts both in terms of economic benefit and operational efficiency.
Services provided include:
  • funding procurement;
  • strategic planning;
  • business and economic development;
  • Serve as a liaison between governmental officials and agencies;
  • development of and advocacy for or against client-related legislation; and
  • meeting facilitation and coalition building.
Strong relationships in Albany and throughout New York State allow our team to facilitate face-to-face meetings with key legislative and agency officials so that our clients may present their needs, concerns, and objectives directly to the decision makers.
We invite you to meet with one of our government relations professionals to discuss ways in which we can help you meet your business and economic development goals.


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